Business Model

We (Bill and Jason Ruebl) believe in family and all of our clients are treated like family!!!!

Ruebl Builders maintains a simple, transparent business model. We are a cost-plus service model for our clients, and every project to date has been structured this way. By providing our clients with every invoice, every expense, we are able to deliver maximum value in your custom home, not concerning ourselves with the gain or loss of margin on particular purchases, and certainly not tempting ourselves to look for ways to install lesser finishes for a higher price or greater margin.

We believe It’s simple to understand, it’s transparent, it’s proven, and it’s a model built on trust. cost-plus model has allowed us to flow with the up and down cycles of construction. While cost of materials and labor may vary during business cycles, we have been able to transparently pass those savings on to our clients.

We strongly believe in the customers/builder relationships meaning from the first day we meet with you, you will deal with Bill or Jason during the entire process this eliminates salespeople the can tell the client one thing and not communicate with the expeditor which can lead to disaster. Also there is no chance the expeditor will get fired or the client does not know the expeditor before they sign a contract.

We consider ourselves one of the best custom builders in the country and we strive to give our clients the best experience you could ever have building a custom home. We keep up to date on the newest and best product’s for our clients to stay with their budget and to make their home as timeless as possible.

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