The Building Process

Initial meeting

Above all things this might be one of the most important meetings we have with our clients! We go over each and every client needs and wants in conjunction with style and budget. We believe this is a stepping stone to the beginning of your dream home. Along with all of the above we would like to tell you about us as a family company and how we build each and every home as if it where our own!

Site Analysis

We like to visit each site with each and every owner to go over house presentation, setbacks, views, solar gain, etc. for the start of the plan phase. We like to go over everything from shore land zoning, grading issues or concerns, septic, well, utilities and possible retaining walls. You will see the benefits of this as long as you own your home


We have a relationship with some the best and most professional architects and designers for all types of styles of architecture. Each are selected based on a number of things that best fits budget, personality, scope, size, style of you the client. They also work with you with what sustainable products to use, engineering, cost analysis and energy saving design

Finalizing products and details

At this point we have a full set of plans so we will go over all the products in your home to fit your needs, wants and budget. This may come as a surprise but most builders use the same product on every home regardless of style and budget but we pride ourselves in fitting the products with the client on style and budget but not compromising the quality of the products

Home Building Manual

We create a manual for each client that goes through the project specs, project schedule, products, breakdown, contractors, suppliers, Contract and Warranty information. As the builder we have our own with a detailed checklist of everything above to provide you the best custom home building experience second to none.

Project schedule

We pride ourselves not only in the highest quality of our homes but the timeline that the home is done in which benefits everyone not only working but you the client on the project so we can complete your home 25% faster than other builders building the same custom home in our market and not losing out on the highest quality a custom home builder can provide.

Contractors and suppliers

From the bottom up we have used the same contractors and suppliers for over 30 years this is very important to us that the relationships that we have together is a team effort.


We pride ourselves in transparency every customer that builds with us knows what each and every item costs and has a breakdown that is easy to understand. We provide a summary of all bills paid and builders costs for each draw request. All Change orders will be sent out by email or mail and need to be signed for the customer to understand what the changes are for the contractor or supplier to proceed. All this is done to make it as smooth and open to you the client

Site Photos

We will take ongoing photos as much as possible so that the client that is very busy or wants photos for a album will be able to see the project during construction and long after.

Home Owners Warranty

This is a very important piece of the home building experience you want to make sure you have a warranty that you understand and that you can rely on the builder to take care of anything that has failed or was not up to the standards of Ruebl Builders. We pride ourselves in having a 5 year warranty as most builders have 1 year warranties

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